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Who wants to be in a Hovis advert, anyway?

Miss Rebelle
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15 stories high, 24, adam and joe, agent provocateur, andy warhol's "men", angelica, anticipating rainbows, anything cinnamon, aqua teen hunger force, armando iannucci, babycham, battle royale, beastie boys, beck, belleville rendevous, bill hicks, bill murray, bis, blue jam, blythe dolls, bobby de niro, brasseye, but i'm a cheerleader, carrot cake, cats, charity shops, cherry lambrini, cherry perserve jam, chris morris, cindy sherman, conceptual art, curb your enthusiasm, david byrne's dancing abilities, david mitchell the writer, deadwood, deerhoof, diy haircuts, dressing-up, early diana rigg, elastica, elliott smith, erase errata, father ted, feminism, fist of fun, frank zappa, french knickers, gang of four, george harrison, gravy train!!!!, gremlins two, guided by voices, half man half biscuit, hanin elias, harvey birdman, homestar runner, industrial landscapes, jemaine clement, joanna newsom, joy division, julie ruin, kaito, kenickie, league of gentlemen, lee and herring, lenoard cohen, liliput, louis theroux, mark mothersbaugh, martin parr, mary lynn rasjskub, missing the 90's, my robot collection, nick cave, not london, old le tigre, paddy considine, paradoxes, parsnips, patti smith, peep show, peter baynham, piney gir, pint o' tea, pixies, pouty boys, powerpuff girls, pre-2000-morrissey, predicting 24 plotlines, pulp, quantum leap, rabbits, red! lipstick, richard herring, robert newman, robocop, robot chicken, seamed stockings, sean lock, shane meadows, shaun of the dead, shonen knife, simon pegg, sonic youth, sophie calle, space age design, spaced, spanking!, stanley kubrick, stephin merritt, stewart lee, talking heads, tatty devine, television personalities, the 6ths, the actor kevin eldon, the avengers, the brian jonestown massacre, the cramps, the curious orange, the dandy warhols, the day today, the fall, the future bible heroes, the league of gentlemen, the magnetic fields, the mary whitehouse experience, the slits, the smiths, the velvet underground, tokyo, tom waits, touching paintings, tracy + the plastics, tranformers, trogdor the burninator, ugly betty, violent femmes, welsh accents, wes anderson, woody allen, wynne greenwood, zelda